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Service providers work under tiered pricing. Expertise, work experience, & goals within the spa & salon contribute to price differences with each service provider. 

Machine Based Facials

Micro Channel Infusion Therapy

A pen machine that is used with a variety of serums to address several skin concerns. This is great for product penetration.  This is great for several main skin concerns like acne, hyperpigmentation, aging, fine lines and wrinkles. 

1 Hour


Radiance Express HydraFacial

Deeply purify, nourish, & protect the skin through our super serums filled with antioxidants & hyaluronic acid.

3 Steps 30 minutes, Best Skin of Your Life!

The Bliss



A refreshing treatment which includes all the essentials of the Express while addressing specific skin concerns using HydraFacial's super serums to yield visible results. This is paired with our professional strength therapeutic light energy to treat skin within.

1 Hour


Hydra-Back Treatment

HydraFacial doesn't end at your face. Deeply cleanse and detox the back, using exfoliation & extraction to clear out clogged pores and boost nutrients for a brighter, healthier backside.

45 mins


add a booster for targeted concerns           $250

45 Minutes


The Serenity


Eye or Lip Perk

The ultimate HydraFacial experience! Begin with soothing lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness & provide the appearance of lifting & contouring. Next, reveal smooth texture and vibrant skin clarity with a purifying cleanse, gentle chemical peel, & pain-free extractions. Finally, targeted super serums & LED therapy enhance results for personalized skin concerns. 

1 Hour


Neck & Décolleté 

HydraFacial doesn't end at your face. Our neck & décolleté facial targets the delicate skin below the chin to reduce fine lines, leaves skin smoother & hydrated.

45 mins


add to any facial                                          $100

Serenity Facials

Glow & Go Facial

Don't have time for a full hour facial? We have the perfect one for you. Our Glow & Go facial consist's of a double cleansing, hot steam towels, and consult. This facial is sure to leave you with radiating and vibrate skin. 

30 Minutes

$90 Add Mask $10 

The Ultimate Glow

This treatment is our Ultimate Facial featuring 3 of our favorite facial modalities: Lactic Peel + Botanical Fruit Enzyme + Dermaplaning. The Ultimate Glow stimulates collagen production & cellular turnover, reduces appearance of wrinkles, pores, and acne scarring, and causes mild peeling. Will give a serious glow that will last for days!

1 Hour


Purifying Back Facial

This clinical treatment combines fruit enzymes, lactic & salicylic acids, and powerful anti-inflammatory botanicals to eliminate stubborn back acne.

30 Minutes

$90 Add On $25

Mommy-To-Be "Bump" Facial

This relaxing bump facial is perfectly formulated for expecting mothers. Delve into relaxation by trying our newest Mommy-To-Be “Bump” Facial. This facial not only promotes relaxation, but helps prevent/lessen stretch marks, tones, and softens the belly skin. A neck, shoulder, hand, and scalp massage is added in for your own personal comfort. Mothers, and the babies as well, love this facial.

1 Hour


Ultimate Facial Experience

Perfect for rejuvenating the skin & the senses! This facial begins with a steam double-cleanse of the face and deolletage, followed by warm steamed towels to allow the pores to open, & an exfoliating enzyme. An invigorating & nourishing mask is customized to your skin's needs & applied to the face. Treatment is complete with a light hand & foot massage.

1 Hour


Customized Facials

A facial customized to your skin concerns. Can be suited for a rosacea case, mild acne case, or a seasonal facial with our seasonal products. 

1 Hour


Gentleman's Facial

Men get facials too! This facial is tailored to a man's specific skin concerns. Includes a steam double-cleanse, hot towels, an exfoliating enzyme, extractions, & an invigorating mask to detoxify skin & beard follicles. Topped off with customized finished products to enhance your facial treatment.

1 Hour


Mini "Glow and Go" Facial

*For 12 and under... $54

Chemical Peels

For any peel you MUST purchase our pre procedural home care kit for $16

Glycolic Peel (1)

 - Acneic skin

- Cell renewal

- Exfoliation to reveal healthier smoother, & brighter skin.

- Softens the skin

- Minimizes the appearance of pores

- Treats mild-moderate acne

For best results, book a series of 4-6 peels spaced 1 week apart from each other.

Glow Up Peel (3)

- Starter Peel

- Perfect 2-3 days before any "Red Carpet Events" // - - Prom, Weddings, Photoshoots etc.

- Incredible glow 

- All Skin Types

This is a series of 3, spaced 1 week apart


15 Minutes

Lactic Peel (1)

- Lunchtime Peel

- Hydrates 


- Softens dry sensitive skin

- Great for hyperpigmentation & melasma

-Contains 2 mild lighteners


15 Minutes

Peptide Peel

- Anti-Aging


- Evens Skin Tone

-Minimizes Pores

- Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles

-No Down time & Can be done year round! 


15 Minutes


15 Minutes

Vitamin A Peel (1)

- Fine Lines 

- Wrinkles

- Lifts & Firms

-Lifts dark spots

- Minimizes pores & textures

- Mild Acne 

- Downtime of 7-14 Days


15 Minutes

TCA Peel (1)


- Discoloration

- Superficial Lines 


- Safe for fitzpatricks 1-6

- Greatly evens skin tones


15 Minutes

Fire & Ice 

- Vitamin A peel with all the benefits

-Includes micro channeling to help ease the pain and help with side effects 

- 7-14 Day Downtime

-Fire sensation from Vitamin A

- Ice Sensation from Micro Channeling 

-Helps with a variety of skin cases 


15 Minutes

Acne Bootcamp

What is Blissfully Serene's Acne Bootcamp? 

Do you feel like you have tried it all? Wallgreens, Ulta, prescribed topicals. BS's acne bootcamp pairs top of the line medical grade products with facials and chemical peels to nock various severity of acne lesions down. 
We know how exhausting battling acne can be, we can help. This modality uses home care and in house treatments to leave you with amazing results. 

Our Approach:
Using in house treatments and formulated acne home care products with persistence and dedication we believe we can give acne the boot. 

What to Expect:
8 Week Program
3 in house medical grade treatments 
Home care products
Total- $400 ( Not paid all up front)


Add An Extra Touch To Your Facial...

Add Ons 

  • Ultrasonic $10: Deep cleansing of the pores makes extractions almost painless

  • LED Light Therapy $40: Jumpstarts cell turnover and kills bacteria helping with a variety of skin concerns. Great for acne and anti-aging.

  • Dermaplaning $30: Removal of the vellus hair on the fake (peach fuzz) and also removes dead skin making the skin more glowy

  • Jelly Mask $35: Choose from a variety of our jelly mask for an additional enjoyable experience

  • Peppermint Scalp Treatment $20: Relax every muscle in your scalp with this relaxing treatment

  • Ice Globes: $15: Helps with inflammation

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